With a total installed capacity of 110.56 MW, Fani i Madh and Fani i Vogel Cascade project will supply an estimated energy output of 367 640 MWh, equivalent to 7 % of the Albanian Active generation capacity and to 8 % of the supplied energy for 2012 (as reported from the 2012 annual report of Albanian ERE, 1726 MW). Such generation will supply approximately 208 000 people, assuming an average Albanian power consumption of 1.52 ktoe/10000 habitants (based on the data supplied from the INSTAT – National Institution of Statistics http://www.instat.gov.al/ )

Eight Francis turbines will be utilized together with three phases synchronous generators. Francis Turbines are applicable to high heads and low flows, being adaptable to a wide range of heads from 40 to 600 meters. With their robust design, these turbines are able to sustain the high mechanical stress resulting from the high heads.

The electricity generated in this project will be distributed to the Albanian transmission grid by construction of new aerial transmission lines of 35 kV and approximately 10 km long in the project area which will be connected to the NS 220/110/10 kV Fierze – NS 220/110/35/20 kV Tirane 1 and NS 220/110/10 kV Fierze – NS 220/110/10 kV Burrel lines by double line section electrical lines. The first two hydro power plants (FHP1 Gojan and FHP2 Gjegjan will be connected to the substation of Peshqesh power plant and connected to the Albanian grid via the Fierze – Tirana 1. Meanwhile the fourth hydro power plant of Ura e Fanit/Fangu will be connected to the Fierze – Burrel transmission lines.