The Fani Rivers cascade hydropower plants will have a generating capacity of 110.56 MW (megawatt), around 7% of Albanian’s current capacity. It will produce approximately 367 640 MWh (megawatt-hour) a year of electrical power, around 8 % of Albanian production in 2012.

Once active the power plant will supply the generated electricity to the Albanian grid and trade it either by regulated contractual relation to the Albanian Transmission System which plays the role of the Wholesale Public Supplier or by unregulated contractual relation between qualified supplier and traders. The electric prices are regulated by the Albanian Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERE).

Aiming at promotion of Renewable Energy Projects as part of the National Energy Strategy, ERE implies the feed-in tariff for the Renewable Energy Producers. Another possibility considered is the Bilateral Energy Trading, a mechanism lately applied by the Albanian TSO with the neighboring countries through open Tender of the capacity allocations.