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Fan River Basin HEPP

Invested by Ayen As Energy SHA where established in Republic of Albania at the year 2012, Fan River Basin HEPP projects (HEPP Peshqesh, Ura e Fanit and Fangu) have a total of 109.71 MW installed capacity and 347.246 GWh yearly production. Project has one run-off river hepp and one concrete face rock ll dam. HEPP Peshqeshit, 34 MW installed capacity and 12 kilometers of energy tunnel has been commisioned may 2015. HEPP Ura e Fanit and Fangu project has 75.71 MW installed capacity, 92 meters of dam body height, 2.6 million metercube of rock filling, 135 million metercube active reservoir and 10.17 kilometers of energy tunnel. Dam body concstruction and sub elements, tunnels support and excavation has been completed and concrete lining of the tunnels is close to the nalization. It is planned to be operational in 2017 Autumn period where after completion Fan River Basin projects will be enough to supply %7.8 electricity needs of Republic of Albania.


Fani i Madh and Fani i Vogel

Hydroelectric power plants is a project planned to harness the hydro potential of the aforementioned rivers in districts of Mirdite and Puke.


The construction have started in 2013

The construction of the power plants have started in 2013 and is scheduled to be over within 54 months, corresponding to first half of 2017.


Total 110.56 MW installed capacity

With a total installed capacity of 110.56 MW, Fani i Madh and Fani i Vogel Cascade project will supply an estimated energy output of 367 640 MWh, equivalent to 7 % of the Albanian Active generation capacity


367.640 MWh

The Fani Rivers cascade hydropower plants will produce approximately 367 640 MWh (megawatt-hour) a year of electrical power.


Our Core Values

Ayen Enerji A. . has continued to carrying out the works necessary within scope of the Communiqué on the Determination and Implementation of Corporate Governance Principles issued by the Capital Market Board during the reporting period of 2016, as well.


Ayen Enerji, founded as a subsidiary of Aydiner Insaat Company in 1990, is an important company in Turkey with principal focus on production, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity.

Human Resources

If you are interested to be part of a dynamic and international environment and contribute to the development of the clean energy sector in Albania be encouraged to send Curriculum Vitae