Ayen Enerji, founded as a subsidiary of Aydiner Insaat Company in 1990, is an important company in Turkey with principal focus on production, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity. Together with its subsidiaries, the company operates three hydroelectric power plants (HPP) in Camlica I HPP (Cap. 84 MW), Yamula Dam-storage HPP (Cap. 100 MW) and Büyükdüz HPP (Cap. 70,8 MW), two wind energy farms of Akbük with a capacity of 31,5 MW and of Aksu with a capacity of 72 MW. Beside the renewable energy systems, the company manages a natural gas Combined Heat and Power production plant in Ostim, with total capacity of nearly 41 MW. Beside the actual project, Ayen Enerji has started the implementation of three other wind energy farms in Turkey, namely Korkmaz RES (Cap. 24 MW), Mordoğan RES (Cap. 30,75 MW) and Akbük II RES (Cap. 20 MW).

The affiliates of Ayen Enerji include Ayen Elektrik Ticaret, Kayseri Elektrik Uretim Sanayi ve Ticaret, Ayen Ostim Enerji Uretim, Aksu Temiz Enerji Elektrik Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret, Kayseri Elektrik Üretim Araklı Enerji Doğalgaz, Ayel Elektrik Üretim, all active in energy sector.

More information about Ayen Energy A.Ş. is available on its website: www.ayen.com.tr

AS Energy Sh.A.

It is a newly founded Albanian company with main interests on Renewable Energy related projects. The company started its activity on april 2008 and this project is its first venture.