The Fani rivers valleys lies in the territory of Rreshen, Rubik, Orosh and Gjegjan municipalities, in districts of Mirdita and Puka.

The district of Mirditë (Albanian: Rrethi i Mirditës) is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania, part of Lezhë County. It has a population of 26,668 (2010 estimate), and an area of 867 km². It is in the north of the country, and its capital is Rrëshen. The power plants of Peshqesh and Ura e Fanit/Fangu (FHP3 & FHP4) will be located in the community of Reps and municipalities of Rreshen and Rubik.

The district of Mirdita is isolated from the coastal plain and the sea of Adriatic by a mountainous chain (scarcely 1000 meters high) of the northern part of the central uplands and mountain of Derveni. Behind it lies a strongly rugged terrain with moderate elevations and eroded plateau, which toward east and north particularly transforms into higher mountain courses up to 2100 meters.

The rivers Fan, which are not navigable, drain the whole district of Mirdita, joining the river Mat in southwest. The red earth refers to the occurrence of mineral raw materials. Of importance in particular is the copper  resources, with mining industry  developed in municipalities of Rubik and Kurbnesh. The Mirdita is sparsely populated. There are only three larger localities: The modern principal place Rrëshen (9,240 inhabitants – 2001) as well as the small mine cities Rubik (of 2,300 inhabitants – 2005, estimation)) and Kurbnesh (1,400 inhabitants – 2005, estimation).

The district of Puka, lies in eastern part of Shkodra County. With a surface area of 1034 km2, Puka has a population of 34000 ( 2004 estimate) with its two municipalities of Puka and Fushe-Arrez and communities of Gjegjan, Qerret, etc. This region is characterized by the same physical features as the district of Mirdita. The first and second hydropower plants of Gojan and Gjegjan (FHP1 & FHP2) will be located in this region, in the upper basin of Fani rivers.